Kowloon Walled City & Food Adventure (On Private Request)

    On Private Request
    Kowloon City
    Lok Fu MTR Station Exit B (inside the station)
    Approx. 3 hours
  • FEE
    On Private Request
    Note: this tour is only available on Private Request- if interested, please contact our email [email protected] for further inquiry.

    Join us for a 3-hour food adventure that will take you deep into the heart of Kowloon City, a gritty yet charming part of town that remains a hidden gem to many tourists. Here you’ll taste a selection of mouth-watering, local food favourites at 5 foodie haunts and snack spots! We'll also go to a delightful Chinese-style garden where, at this famous site of the former Kowloon Walled City, you'll hear near-mythical tales of lawlessness and sin (and there’s so much more than just sex, crime and vice!).

    Sights & Stories

    • Stroll through the beautifully-landscaped Kowloon Walled City Park and see the remains of the former Walled City from Qing dynasty

    • Enjoy a rich slew of fascinating stories that arose out of the near-century-long political and legal vacuum of the Walled City

    • Visit a traditional Chiu Chow (a coastal town in southern China that is famous for their food) grocery store, where time seems to have stood still. You'll get a taste of what it's like to buy rice, beans, and sauces before the advent of supermarkets. Oh and their glutinous rice cakes with leek are real good!

    Foodie Haunts

    • Hong Kong people love curry fishballs and Mr Lam's are not to be missed. These delectable fishballs are made with real fish, making them extra chewy and "daan-an", which literally means "bouncy on the teeth". The legendary fishball shop once resided in the Walled City, and we may even get an insider's peek into Mr Lam's workshop!

    • A local institution that has been making tofu and other soy-based products for over 100 years. Their tofu pudding is famous for being silky smooth, and for leaving a pleasant aroma of soy in your mouth. You’ll get to try 2 other types of pan-fried tofu snacks as well.

    • Nicknamed Egg Tart King, Mr Chow's freshly-baked bread and pastries are many locals' favourite. Their egg tarts are especially fresh, because as soon as they come out of the oven, they get snatched up by eager customers waiting outside. Take your pick of the egg tart's crust: a crumbly shortcrust, or flaky puff pastry?

    • Home to a big population of Chiu Chow descent, there’s no shortage of Chiu Chow restaurants in Kowloon City. We'll take you to one that oozes grassroots atmosphere and is beloved by the locals. Rejoice in their marinated goose and mouth-watering fried oyster cake!

    • A popular Chinese Muslim restaurant that serves irresistibly tasty Halal pan-fried buns! Their crispy crust makes a perfect match with the juicy and tender beef inside. Watch out for the juice dripping!

    • Before chocolates and potato chips became mass-market snacks in Hong Kong, there were the traditional Chiu Chow snacks - dried and sweetened fruits that come in over 50 varieties and which regaled the people both young and old. We shall be tasting some of them!

    • Surprisingly there’s also a sizable Thai population in Kowloon City. Besides rejoicing in the annual Songkran festival (Thai New Year/Water Festival), you may come here every day for some authentic Thai treats as well.

    The stories you’ll hear about Kowloon Walled City on this tour are distilled from in-depth research and extensive oral history interviews with former residents of the Walled City. We’ll even share with you riveting episodes in history that are not known by many.

    Our foodie haunts and snack spots are expertly curated by a group of food lovers and professionals, who are long-time kaifongs (neighbours in Cantonese) of Kowloon City. So for sure you are getting the best out of the neighborhood! We’ll even get you exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to see how some of the delicious food items are prepared. Do leave plenty of room in your stomach for this tour!


    Q: Should I have breakfast before joining the tour?
    A: Yes, but a light breakfast would do! Our tour starts at 10 am and the tasting will start at around 11 am.

    Q: Would the food on the tour be enough for lunch?
    A: Yes! Our tasting portions from the 5 foodie haunts and 3 snack spots would make up quite a full lunch for an average person. But if you are game for more food after the tour, we can recommend you a list of other nice restaurants that unfortunately don’t make it to our tour because of limited time.

    Q: Will we be walking most of the time?
    A: We’ll get to sit down for a bit at the park, which is about 20 min into the tour; as well as when we enjoy the meal at the Chiu Chow restaurant, which is about 2 hours into the tour. And if the tofu shop is not too busy, we may be able to find a seat for everyone as well. As for the rest of the time, we’ll be walking. So please wear comfortable shoes, and bring water or sun-proof gear.

    Q: Can I bring my children along?
    A: Yes, they are more than welcome to join! Children under the age of 12 get to join at half price.