Looking for Virtual Tour Hosts in Tokyo/Bangkok 招募東京/曼谷虛擬導賞主持

Walk in Hong Kong is an innovative travel company based in Hong Kong.  We are known for our wonderful storytelling. We make what could be dry history lessons into memorable experiences, rooted in Hong Kong’s people and culture. Our skills transcend the real and virtual world, and allow us to curate equally engaging journeys both offline and online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented global crisis. But amid the crisis, comes opportunities. Since the start of the pandemic, Walk in Hong Kong has been obsessed about finding out how to convert the offline walking tour into an online interactive experience. After many trials and errors, we believe we have come up with a sweet recipe. Our initial tests in Hong Kong received many positive responses. We are now ready to dream bigger and take it to the wider world. 

We are looking for residents of Tokyo, Kansai Region or Bangkok, who are confident in delivering real time online virtual tours in English or Cantonese from where they are.

活現香港 Walk in Hong Kong 是年輕且活力充沛的香港本地初創文化企業,以精彩絕倫的講故事技巧與深入淺出的文化認知著稱。我們擅長將沉悶的歷史課化作令人難忘的體驗,透過導賞團、工作坊、青少年培訓計劃以至網上虛擬活動等嶄新手法傳揚香港的獨特文化。我們的體驗深受旅客、企業、院校、家庭及本地人喜愛。



You should be

  • A resident of Greater Tokyo, Kansai Region or Bangkok;
  • A speaker of fluent Cantonese and/or English;
  • An animated storyteller;
  • Energetic and willing to promote intercultural exchange;
  • Knowledgeable about different aspects of your country of residence, while being sensitive to what is happening in the rest of the world;
  • Adaptable and flexible; and
  • Customer service oriented.


  • 現居於日本東京首都圈或近畿地方,或泰國曼谷;
  • 能操流利廣東話及 / 或英文;
  • 具備生動有趣的講故事技巧(storytelling skills);
  • 活力充沛,願意推動跨文化交流;
  • 對身處國家的不同方面皆有深厚認知,並具備國際時事觸覺;
  • 具適應力及靈活變通的思維;及
  • 具客戶服務技巧。

What you will get:

  • Comprehensive trainings on tour delivery and storytelling skills
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Opportunities to meet with interesting guests from around the world
  • Lots of fun and stimulation by working with a team that comes from diverse backgrounds

Note: This is not a full-time employment opportunity but a freelance job paid by number of jobs or actual work hours. 


  • 導賞技巧及講故事技巧培訓
  • 優厚時薪
  • 與來自世界各地參加者交流的機會
  • 輕鬆愉快的工作環境,與來自不同背景的同事打成一片

注意:此職位並非全職工作,將按照實際工作次數及 / 或時數發薪,敬請留意。



Interested parties please submit a cover letter and your CV to [email protected]


有意應徵者請繕求職信一封,連同個人履歷表電郵至 [email protected]