Conditional resumption of Walk in Hong Kong’s local group tours


Following the Government’s decision to revoke the conditional exemption of local tours under the restriction on gatherings (Cap. 599G), information on this page are no longer applicable.

鑒於政府中止《預防及控制疾病(禁止羣組聚集)規例》(第 599G 章)對本地遊旅行團之有條件豁免,活現香港所有公眾導賞團現已暫停。本頁面內容經已失效。

Following the Government’s further amendment on the conditions of local tours exemption in response to our pleas, Walk in Hong Kong is pleased to announce the resumption of selected public and private in-person tours from 6th November, 2020 (Friday) onwards. Details are as follows:

活現香港欣然宣佈,因應當局局部接納本公司就修訂本地遊防疫條款以切合深度遊營運實況的訴求,我們將於 2020 年 11 月 6 日(星期五)恢復舉辦指定實體行街團團種。詳情如下:

Scheduled Public Tours 定期公眾導賞團團種

Tour name/團名Summary/簡介Green spot/綠色景點
What Do Ghosts Eat? Wan Chai Ghosts & Food TourWickedly fun tour to explore Hong Kong’s traditional beliefs while enjoying delicious treats.Old Wan Chai Post Office

Note: The above tours are also available on private request outside of the scheduled time slots.


Private Tours 私人包團團種

Tour name/團名Summary/簡介Green spot/綠色景點
Kowloon Walled City & Food AdventureJoin us for a food adventure of steamy fishballs, freshly-baked egg tarts, juicy marinated goose slices, and more!Kowloon Walled City Park
Old Town Central Come along for an insider’s guide to the city’s fascinating mishmash of old and new.
* To be resumed only as a private tour. Public in-person tour will be suspended until further notice. Also check out our online real-time tour.
Hong Kong Park
Market Hopping Food Tour in KowloonOverwhelm your five senses in one of the world’s most densely populated placesYuen Po Street Bird Garden
Hill Town Charm — Food & Culture Tour in Sai Ying PunVisit a quaint hill town and explore the traditional shops hidden inside.Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
Island Architecture WalkMarvel at distinctively Hong Kong architectural masterpieces, from neoclassical churches to cylindrical public housing.Victoria Park
Sham Shui Po — A Story of Grassroots Hong KongSee lively bazaars, a mosaic of public housing, not-yet-gentrified streetscapes, and stories of working-class grit and ingenuity.Tung Chau Street Park
Tai O Fishing Village — A Tour of TraditionsTake a short trip to the “Venice of Hong Kong”.Tai O
1967 Riots — Cultural Revolution in Hong KongRelive the past as we explore this monumental moment in Hong Kong’s history.Quarry Bay Park

特別導賞團 Special Tours

The “Walk in James Wong: Retrace Wong Jim in Sham Shui Po” special tour are tentatively scheduled to be held on 13 Dec (Sun) and 19 Dec (Sat), 2020. Those who have paid for the cancelled tour in July will be able to secure their seats before the registration is opened to the public. We will announce the details in an upcoming email to the paid guests soon.

活現黃霑.重行深水埗」七月舉辦時,其中一場因限聚令生效關係而被迫延期。現暫定於 2020 年 12 月 13 日(日)及 19 日(六)重新舉辦該團,已報名及繳費參加七月取消場次的團友,將獲安排優先報團,不另收費,詳情請參閱稍後發出之電郵。剩餘位置將公開接受報名,請留意本公司稍後在社交媒體上之公佈。

We have already obtained the necessary clearance from the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, which is authorized by the government to approve exempted local group tours. To fulfil the conditions of this exemption scheme, the itineraries of some tours will be slightly amended in order to include “green spots” specified by TICHK. Itineraries with no “green spots” along or in close proximity to the route are not exempted and will therefore continue to be suspended.

Meanwhile, our online real-time tours will continued to be provided. Tours that are not covered by the exemption scheme will also be offered provided that the number of guests does not exceed 4.


網上直播互動導賞團仍會繼續運作,未符合本地遊 30 人豁免條件的團種亦會繼續接受參加者人數在四人以內私人包團預約。

防疫措施 Anti-pandemic measures

In line with the exemption scheme guidelines and undertakings, Walk in Hong Kong will implement the following anti-pandemic measures on each exempted tour:

  • Carry out temperature check on each guest at the beginning of the tour, and refuse the participation of those who are feeling unwell.
  • Require all guides and guests to wear a surgical mask at all times during the tour (except during tastings and meals), and rinse their hands with sanitizer gel or wet napkins from time to time.
  • Guests will listen to the guide’s commentary through a wireless receiver system (for hygiene reasons, guests are advised to bring their own 3.5mm jack headphones to connect to our receiver).
  • Retain the name and contact details of each guest, and provide them to health authorities when necessary.

Those who refuse to comply with the above guidelines will be asked to cease their participation in the tour.

As a responsible licensed travel agent that cares for the wellbeing of our guests, our staff and also the community, Walk in Hong Kong will also go the extra mile and adopt the following additional measures:

  • Remove or reduce food tastings to minimize instances of removing the mask.
  • Clean and disinfect each wireless receiver thoroughly both before and after use.
  • Keep the number of guests within 15 (as opposed to the allowed limit of 30).


  • 於集合時為每名參加者探熱,並拒絕身體不適者參團;
  • 導賞員與所有參加者於整個行街團過程中,必須時刻佩戴外科口罩(飲食期間除外),並定時使用消毒潔手液或濕紙巾清潔雙手;
  • 導賞員將用無綫收發系統進行講解,參加者建議自備 3.5mm 制式耳筒,接駁導賞員分發的個人接收器,以保障衞生;及
  • 妥善保存所有參加者的姓名與聯絡方法,並在衞生當局時提供作疫情追蹤用途。



  • 盡量減少以至取消各行街團的試食環節,以將參加者需要除下口罩的時間減到最低;
  • 於每次使用無綫收發系統前後徹底消毒所有收發與接收裝置;及
  • 將參加者數目限制於 15 人以內。

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