Walk in Hong Kong presents:
Customized Cultural Heritage Learning Activities for Schools

Walk in Hong Kong proudly presents a series of Customized Cultural Heritage Learning Activities to our primary and secondary school partners. These experiential learning activities are designed with inquiry-based learning in mind, and could complement the curricula of different subjects. Through these activities, we aim to enhance students' interest and knowledge on cultural heritage, so that they could inherit the spirit of excellence and the civilisation of our people.

Thematic Guided Tours

Walk in Hong Kong is the pioneer in introducing the culture of walking tours to Hong Kong. Since 2013, we have catered to the education sector by offering a wide range of customized walking tours to schools and institutions.

Our tour guides will deliver a vivid illustration of historic moments right on the spot where they happened. To deepen students' understanding of the subject matter, their attention will be drawn to different historical sources and multimedia items so that they will view it from different perspective.

Based on the latest curricula of different subjects, we have prepared a list of relevant thematic guided tours for teachers' reference. You may also let us know your specific teaching needs and objectives and we'll be happy to recommend the best tours for you.


Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Experience

Students would come to understand the importance to preserve our Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) by taking part in hands-on experiences of traditional craftsmanship, local customs, National List of ICH items and festive traditions.

Oral History Projects

Oral history is a method of conducting historical research through structured recorded interviews. After learning about the historical topics in guided tours, students can further investigate them through conducting oral history interviews. This is also beneficial in honing their interpersonal communication skills.


Training Activities

Docent training

Through professionally-designed workshops and docent practicum, students would be able to hone their storytelling ability, research techniques, public speaking skills and knowledge about their community, as they become capable docents introducing their own neighbourhood to others.

Teacher Development

Breaking away from the traditional way of organizing Teacher Development Days, our pedagogical workshop, thematic tours and lectures on teaching and learning resources will play a part in raising the bar in the industry.

Our partners

We thank the local and international educational institutions who have entrusted us with opportunities to teach and inspire their students in learning about Hong Kong's cultural heritage.


Please use the form below if you would like to book an event, request a quotation from us, or make any enquiry on what we offer to educational institutions.