Research and Tour Development

This is the core part of Walk in Hong Kong’s business. We develop and provide walking tours around Hong Kong that can be focused on different themes, such as architecture, traditional Chinese festivals, food or music. The tours are aimed at foreign visitors as much as local Hong Kongers thirsty for more knowledge of their own home.


Corporate Training, Team Building and Consulting

We are able to offer innovative team building activities that are as firmly grounded in Hong Kong culture as they are highly customised to suit specific training goals. We can also provide a wide range of Hong Kong expertise thanks to the diverse background of our team members. As examples, we can provide film location scouting or advice on filming documentaries about particular Hong Kong subjects.

Curating Cultural Initiatives, Events and Campaigns

Our events are flexible and reflect contemporary Hong Kong. For example, we organised special tours of the main protest site at the city’s Umbrella Movement in 2014. Also, riding on the popularity of the local film “Dot 2 Dot” (2014), we teamed up with the film’s director in Spring 2015 and conducted a series of ‘pilgrimages’ for the public to the movie’s shooting locations.