我們特意為本地中小學生及相關科目(中文、中史、常識、通識科)的老師設計了一系列的互動教學活動,以實踐體驗式及探究式思維的學習與教學來達到與課堂授課相輔相成的效果,同時提升參加者對中國歷史和中華文化的興趣和認識。我們的活動範圍包括主題式導賞團及口述歷史專題研習、文化歷史工作坊、教師培訓、教材製作以及國內文化歷史交流團,希望這些嶄新的教學活動能夠切合學校的教學目的及安排,讓學生逐步認識中國歷史及文化。 如欲了解更多,歡迎查閱此鏈接

Chinese History and Culture

Lectures and Seminars

Our work does not only involve walking around the streets of Hong Kong. We are also happy to take our skills and local knowledge to share with classrooms and corporate firms around Hong Kong. For instance, we’ve given local history talks to the Rotary Club of Wan Chai and students at St Paul’s Co-Educational College.


Youth Training and Development Programme

Passing on our love of Hong Kong to the younger generations is a key mission of Walk in Hong Kong. For example, our staff trained over 40 students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong as heritage tour guides in 2014. These new guides then took youth groups to visit places in Hong Kong that the youngsters would otherwise not see.