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Cruising the “Bay” of Animation and Pop Culture

Pulsing with life at the day and night, Causeway Bay is the hub of entertainments in Hong Kong and the unsurpassable leader of pop culture.

Curated by Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK), the “#ddCityMania” guided tour hosts you on a creative journey to discover the vibe of pop culture in Hong Kong. You will marvel at our Ani-com Tram Stops carrying our beloved local comic characters at different times, get invited to the spectacular “Mansion” and its beautiful “back garden” at Victoria Park, and discover “#ddPaintHKWALLS” art murals on street.

What’s more, we will set off to explore the waves of pop culture in this multifaceted community; be it the popular hits in the 60s, the living ritual from the 70s, or the transforming cityscape in the 80/90s. And of course, a visit to signature architectures is not to be missed.

(The contents for each guided tour will be slightly adjusted to enable a better experience for tour participants.)

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