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【宅遊 • 香港文化博物館】善道同行—東華三院籌募文化與社會發展
StayTour @ Hong Kong Heritage Museum—
“Hand-in-Hand for Benevolence: Tung Wah’s Fundraising Culture and Social Development” Exhibition

簡介 Introduction



This extraordinary winter, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum together with Walk in Hong Kong, will lead you through the current special exhibitions via online platform in the comfort of your home. No matter where you are, you will now be able to learn more about Hong Kong's heritage and culture with us!

First session of this online guided tour series will be set off at 12:00 noon on 22 December 2020 (Tuesday). Our Museum curator will accompany you in visiting the “Hand-in-Hand for Benevolence – Tung Wah’s Fundraising Culture and Social Development” exhibition. Not only will the online guided tour feature the invaluable artefacts and historical photos showcased in the exhibition, but also some captivating stories and interactive games for your enjoyment. The tour will allow you to gain understanding on the social development and livelihoods of Hong Kong through Tung Wah's fundraising culture. Come and join us for a fruitful and enjoyable afternoon!

日期 Date 2020年12月22日(二)
22 December 2020 (Tuesday)
時間 Time 12:00–13:00
形式 Format 以 Zoom 視像會議形式進行
Conducted online through Zoom video conference
費用 Tour Fee 全免 Free
語言 Language 粵語 Cantonese

報名須知 Info for Applicants
展覽簡介 More about Exhibition
報名 Registration

我們會在 Facebook 直播是次活動,歡迎未能報名者前往活現香港 Facebook 專頁觀看直播

There will be a live broadcast of this event through Facebook. You are welcomed to join us on Walk in Hong Kong's Facebook page.

* 本節目將不設重溫。
No playback will be available after the conclusion of this event.


如欲報名參加本活動,請填妥下列表格。成功報名者,將會收到確認電郵。截止報名日期為 2020 年 12 月 21 日(星期一)。

Please complete the form below for enrollment. Successful applicant will receive a confirmation email. Registration deadline: 21 December 2020 (Monday).

    Application is now closed.







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