Re-imagining iconic districts of Hong Kong

Some parts of Hong Kong may seem banal at first sight, and local place names probably never mean much to most people. But that is all set to change.

What comes to mind when you think of Hong Kong?

Many boast about city’s thriving commercial success and often this impressive feat can often be a double-edged sword as people start to forget about all the other things that Hong Kong has to offer.

How do we accurately convey what life in Hong Kong is actually like? We put our heads together and began to re-imagine the city under a new light…


Over the next two days, we will be sharing our very own logo designs that will help you fall in love with the many districts within Hong Kong.

Part one:


logobranding hk-02

What is the significance of the LOO in Kowloon? Is it just a snide remark to suggest that it is a city in the sewers?

Not exactly.  Instead, Kowloon has a most interesting backstory that many residents may not have heard of- the infamous walled city.  Would you believe that this city had no running water until the 1960’s!? Imagine what life would have been!

To see the evolution that this country has undergone- Kowloon is a perfect example of how much Hong Kong has grown in the past few decades.



logobranding hk-01

Typically Hong Kong is depicted as a modern, commercial destination full of towering skyscrapers littered around the city. Whilst this is not a surprising impression, it is far from accurate.

Hong Kong has so much more to offer and it is places like Tuen Mun that many visitors overlook.
Tuen Mun is a great example of Hong Kong’s hidden gem- the beautiful mountainous and natural countryside. Be prepared to sweat in the summer months as these trails are tough!

Castle Peak is a must for those who love hiking or would like to explore Tuen Mun’s ancient natural heritage. It is districts like this that shatter the misconceptions of Hong Kong being a completely commercial city.



logobranding hk-03

Only in Hong Kong can you still see history preserved amongst the hustle and bustle of the modern society it leads today!

In the past, Pirate raids were extremely common and a big problem for civilians who lived in areas that made them susceptible to attacks; thus walls were built by villages to ward off these bandits, and some even had cannons as an extra precautionary protective measure

In places like Fanling, you can still see the remnants of the struggles that many locals faced against the dangers of unwanted visitors! It is very easy to take for granted just how much history can be learned from simply the architecture in Hong Kong.



logobranding hk-04

When you think of Hong Kong, what comes to mind? For us personally, we think of markets- both the traditional markets that sell strange food items and the more modern markets that sell the latest electronics.

Samshui Po can be accurately described as the hub for modern markets. In today’s world where e-commerce thrives, one can easily forget the thrills and satisfaction of actually picking up items and seeing them first hand instead of blindly adding items to your shopping cart!

On top of this, if you are smart enough, you may be able to grab bargains that put even items on eBay to shame.



logobranding hk-05

Are you convinced in Hong Kong’s city charms yet? However, not everyone is interested in immersing themselves in the busy streets of a foreign city that appears to be awake 24/7.

Do not worry, Hong Kong has something to offer for all you hard-working individuals who just want to rest your tired old bones!

Before you ask, Lamma Island is unfortunately not inhabited by a bunch of cute, fluffy llamas. However, it is a prime location for not only tourists, but locals as well. Perfect for those who long for some quality time away to this quaint paradise with wonderful facilities, indulging in what is claimed to be the best seafood around.

Check our blog tomorrow for part two of this article!