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Walk in Hong Kong is the city's leading cultural enterprise. We are known for our wonderful storytelling. We make what might otherwise be dry history lessons into memorable experiences, rooted in Hong Kong’s people and culture. Our walking tours are well loved by travellers, corporates, schools, families, and locals alike.

Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, each of our knowledgable guides has plenty of personal stories to share about this fair city. Most importantly, they all live a shared passion to promote Hong Kong beyond what's in the usual guidebooks.

Our vision does not stop there. While we are not an NGO, we are a company with a strong social mission. Despite our small scale, we are an influential advocate for heritage conservation and driving social changes. In 2016, our team successfully lobbied for a Grade 1 historic building status for State Theatre in North Point, helping preserve one of the city's most important theatrical venues.

Our vision

Build something that Hong Kong has never seen before.

Our Story

  • Aug 2013

    Walk in Hong Kong is born!

  • Dec 2016

    State Theatre Conservation: achieved Grade 1 status

  • Apr 2017

    HSBC Youth Business Gold Award

  • Jun 2017

    Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index Top SME Employer Award

  • Aug 2017

    Old Town Central Hong Kong Tourism Board campaign

  • Jul 2018

    First Hang Lung Young Architects Program completed

  • Sep 2018

    Sham Shui Po Hong Kong Tourism Board Campaign

  • May 2019

    Inducted into TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Our Team

Nurses, architects, government officials, academics... Our tour guides come from all walks of life, yet they share the same passion — telling you the city's mesmerizing tales (we do have a certified hypnotist on board!) and their own equally fascinating stories. Learn more about our co-founders, team members and some of our guides here:


Paul Chi-yuen Chan

Co-founder & CEO

An erstwhile academic, a former ministerial aide, and a man of finance in his previous incarnation, Paul is principally an avid traveller. Outside of work, he can be found temple or village-hopping. By founding Walk in Hong Kong, Paul is determined to show the world that his home turf is not just a fishing-village-turned-metropolis, since there are actually more mesmerizing stories to tell!


Haider Kikabhoy


Born into a family of natural storytellers, Haider grew up spellbound by the tales he heard from Hong Kong’s past century. He stalks the city’s streets in an imagined time machine, bent on resurrecting fabled buildings from the ashes of time. Whimsical and wry, his walks are a jukebox of Hong Kong’s eccentricities.


Chung-wah Chow


Chungwah is a travel writer in both English and Chinese. She’s co-authored Lonely Planet guides to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, as well as written for the BBC, CNN and various Asian media outlets. She enjoys ikebana, chado and yoga. As a careful yet adventurous traveller, she explores haunted house at midnight, challenges herself for a volcano excursion and graveyard is on her top visit list!



Managing Director
Meiling Wong


Marketing & Communications Manager


Business Development Officer


Project Officer
Audrey Yip


WalkinHK_Miranda Chan


Eric Wan


Tour Coordinator






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【活現香港隨筆】陳智遠:擁抱時代挑戰 迎接旅業革命

November 7, 2019

亂世往往是一面鏡子,讓眾生相表露無遺。 過去數月的社會動盪,對不同行業都帶來打擊,也衍生出兩種截然不同的應對態度: 一批人只忙於顧算自己生意的得失,一邊呼天搶地埋怨,一邊條件反射式要政府幫這個、補貼那個,心態就如刻舟求劍,只一廂情願社會盡快「回復平靜」,好讓自己能像以往賺個盤滿缽滿; 另一批人固然也…

5 Must Watch Local Horror Classics For This Halloween!

October 17, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner. Not everyone likes partying out all night long. Some of us prefer staying at home binging horror movies. Let’s be…

10 unspoken rules in Hong Kong that would utterly confuse foreigners… And even locals!

September 29, 2019
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Hong Kong is a fishing-village-turned-metropolis where old meets new, east meets west…  Yes, we know you secretly rolled your eyes to this. Maybe…

Walk in Hong Kong’s submission to 2019-2020 Policy Address Public Consultation

August 26, 2019

Walk in Hong Kong, a local cultural enterprise, calls on the government to make the protection of post-war historic buildings, which is also commonly referred to as “modern architecture”, a policy priority for heritage conservation in Hong Kong. Specifically, as we have called for in submissions to the public consultations respectively for the 2018-2019 Policy … Read more


August 26, 2019

本地文化企業「活現香港」(Walk in Hong Kong)呼籲政府把保育戰後歷史建築(下稱「現代建築」)列為香港文物保育政策中的優先處理項目。具體建議如下: 第一,正如活現香港就2018-2019《施政報告》及2019-2020《財政預算案》的建議書所言,[1] 政府應撥出足夠的資源予發展局、古…

Lost in Causeway Bay: 8 Hours of Discovery

July 25, 2019

The weekend is upon us again. Are you looking for some new experiences to spend a fun and leisurely day, while not necessarily wanting to venture too far from the city centre? Our team at Walk in Hong Kong has the perfect solution for you. Whether you are a tourist or a local, our curated … Read more

《活現黃霑.重行深水埗 – 導賞團 × 音樂會》

July 8, 2019
| |

原來《獅子山下》推出後十幾年曾經無人問津,讓這首歌「復甦」的,是1997年。吳俊雄博士說,「97年香港差不多存亡之際,如果明天你要逃難或者死去,你想留低或帶走甚麼?人們便想回來,真的是《獅子山下》那一段:既是同舟不如相共濟,總算是歡笑多於唏噓。」 在香港難過的六月以後,相信我們每一位對「同舟人 誓相…

活現我城故事 - 中西區兒童文化大使計劃

June 25, 2019
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Hong Kong: A Promising Dystopia

June 24, 2019

At first glance, you may think this title is contradictory: how can a dystopia be promising? Hong Kong appears to be a miraculous metropolis trademarked by a spectacular skyline of skyscrapers that symbolize our city’s status as Asia’s financial hub. The business sector hails it as the Promised Land for investors. Yet several cyberpunk movies … Read more


June 3, 2019

《回憶的香港》13場演出圓滿結束。兩年前與風車草結緣,後來在社區訪探的過程,以至終於在台上看見作品順利公演,也成為我們與風車草的美好回憶。 劇場之下,我們與風車草的故事在兩年前發生。兩年前活現香港創辦人Paul與梁祖堯拍攝一個建築主題的廣告而結緣。不論在劇場還是在導賞路線上,我們其實都是說故事的人。…

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