Unlocking the Potential of Our Countryside with Cultural Tourism

Paul Chan speaking at “Countryside Conservation Conference 2023”

Have you ever seen a movie that made you want to visit the place where it was filmed? That’s the power of cultural tourism, and it’s something that our CEO & Co-founder Paul Chan understands well. In a recent presentation, during “Countryside Conservation Conference 2023”, he shared how Walk in Hong Kong combined movies, popular culture, and Hong Kong’s countryside to create a unique experience for tourists.

Walk in Hong Kong invested in the local movie “Far Far Away,” which was filmed in the charming Mui Tsz Lam village. By showcasing the beautiful landscapes and unique charm of the countryside, the movie became a powerful tool for promoting cultural tourism. And it worked! We organized excursions to the filming locations and even launched a staycation experience in the quaint village of Lai Chi Wo.

What’s the lesson here? Fancy brochures, expensive ads, and KOLs aren’t always necessary to promote a place. Sometimes, a good movie can do the job just as well. By embracing unique and innovative ideas, we can unlock the hidden gems of Hong Kong’s countryside and share them with the world.

Watch Paul’s presentation in full [here] to see how we can unlock the potential of our countryside with cultural tourism!