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Walk in Hong Kong is the city's leading cultural enterprise. We are known for our wonderful storytelling. We make what might otherwise be dry history lessons into memorable experiences, rooted in Hong Kong’s people and culture. Our walking tours are well loved by travellers, corporates, schools, families, and locals alike.

Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, each of our knowledgable guides has plenty of personal stories to share about this fair city. Most importantly, they all live a shared passion to promote Hong Kong beyond what's in the usual guidebooks.

Our vision does not stop there. While we are not an NGO, we are a company with a strong social mission. Despite our small scale, we are an influential advocate for heritage conservation and driving social changes. In 2016, our team successfully lobbied for a Grade 1 historic building status for State Theatre in North Point, helping preserve one of the city's most important theatrical venues.

Our vision

Build something that Hong Kong has never seen before.

Our Story

  • Aug 2013

    Walk in Hong Kong is born!

  • Dec 2016

    State Theatre Conservation: achieved Grade 1 status

  • Apr 2017

    HSBC Youth Business Gold Award

  • Jun 2017

    Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index Top SME Employer Award

  • Aug 2017

    Old Town Central Hong Kong Tourism Board campaign

  • Jul 2018

    First Hang Lung Young Architects Program completed

  • Sep 2018

    Sham Shui Po Hong Kong Tourism Board Campaign

  • May 2019

    Inducted into TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Our Team

Nurses, architects, government officials, academics... Our tour guides come from all walks of life, yet they share the same passion — telling you the city's mesmerizing tales (we do have a certified hypnotist on board!) and their own equally fascinating stories. Learn more about our co-founders, team members and some of our guides here:


Paul Chi-yuen Chan

Co-founder & CEO

An erstwhile academic, a former ministerial aide, and a man of finance in his previous incarnation, Paul is principally an avid traveller. Outside of work, he can be found temple or village-hopping. By founding Walk in Hong Kong, Paul is determined to show the world that his home turf is not just a fishing-village-turned-metropolis, since there are actually more mesmerizing stories to tell!


Haider Kikabhoy


Born into a family of natural storytellers, Haider grew up spellbound by the tales he heard from Hong Kong’s past century. He stalks the city’s streets in an imagined time machine, bent on resurrecting fabled buildings from the ashes of time. Whimsical and wry, his walks are a jukebox of Hong Kong’s eccentricities.


Chung-wah Chow


Chungwah is a travel writer in both English and Chinese. She’s co-authored Lonely Planet guides to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, as well as written for the BBC, CNN and various Asian media outlets. She enjoys ikebana, chado and yoga. As a careful yet adventurous traveller, she explores haunted house at midnight, challenges herself for a volcano excursion and graveyard is on her top visit list!



Managing Director
Meiling Wong


Marketing & Communications Manager


Business Development Officer


Project Officer
Audrey Yip


WalkinHK_Miranda Chan


Eric Wan


Tour Coordinator






2017 1218 (14)






「中國歷史及中華文化自訂教學及學習活動」服務介紹 暨 體驗日邀請

September 6, 2017

為了提升本地中/小學生對中國歷史和中華文化的興趣和認識,並培養他們學習欣賞及承傳我們的卓越精神與文明,本地文化企業活現香港(Walk in Hong Kong)特意設計了一系列「中國歷史及中華文化自訂教學及學習活動」予本地任教中文科、常識科、中史科、通識科及相關學科的老師選用。學生及老師將會置身於城…


May 23, 2017

【大澳百年習俗-遊涌之旅】 龍舟遊涌是大澳的獨有風俗,已有百多年歷史。在端午節當日,大澳居民會以龍舟引領載有神像的小艇巡遊水道,以傳統儀式為水陸居民祈求平安。大澳文物酒店誠邀大家參與「穿梭大澳之旅」,由活現香港帶大家觀賞遊涌盛事,沿途走過關帝古廟、蝦醬店、棚屋等特色地方,感受大澳的人情味,並會到訪大…

We are hiring Interns for the State Theatre conservation campaign!

February 8, 2017

Job description Walk in Hong Kong is passionate about creating unforgettable cultural experiences and advocating cultural heritage conservation in Hong Kong. We are currently looking for two highly motivated internship roles, assisting Save Our State advocacy campaign in 2017. We look forward to work with young talents who are: – Passionate about Hong Kong history and … Read more

[Grana x Walk in Hong Kong] Causeway Bay Tour – Not as you know it

January 4, 2017

Pulsing with life day or night, Causeway Bay is at the heart of the action in Hong Kong. In many ways, Causeway Bay’s journey to its present-day fame is a microcosm of Hong Kong’s story. Once a silted bay on the outskirts of Victoria City, Causeway Bay is today a frenetic shopping hub with the … Read more


January 3, 2017

【最後召集 民間集氣!】古物諮詢委員會在12月8日做了明智決定,將皇都戲院擬評定為一級歷史建築,即為「具特別重要價值而必須盡可能予以保存的建築物」,但我們仍需要你的支持,在公眾諮詢期間(直至1日9日),踴躍表達你的意見(電郵:[email protected];項目N46),支持古諮會確認一級歷史評級。…


December 29, 2016

香港社會發展回顧項目X活現香港 【「廠」出新天:紅磡蛻變之旅 】 穿梭紅磡歷史 重溫香港足跡 公眾導賞團 日期:3月11日(星期六) 時間: (第一場) 上午10時至12時30分 (第二場) 下午2時30分至5時 報名方法:https://goo.gl/forms/mRYsPkgsou1v0S0z2…

【加開兩場!12月22及28日】【信興酒樓光輝呈獻 活現香港全力支持:一盅兩件告別街坊話當年慶祝會】

December 19, 2016

12月18日晚上活現香港(Walk in Hong Kong)為信興酒樓光榮結業舉辦了一次簡單而具心思的慶祝會。由於反應熱烈,我們決定加開兩場!12月22日(星期四)我們邀請到香港收藏家協會副會長張順光先生展示難得一見的舊式酒樓文獻私人珍藏,另外活現香港會跟大家以有獎遊戲方式分享香港傳統酒樓歷史文化…

【信興酒樓光輝呈獻 活現香港全力支持:一盅兩件告別街坊話當年慶祝會】

December 13, 2016

屹立深水埗80年的信興酒樓將於本月29日結業。臨別秋波前,信興酒樓與本地文化企業活現香港(Walk in Hong Kong)合作,舉辦簡單而具心思的慶祝會,跟各位街坊與香港市民道別。讓我們一同以故事與音樂,懷緬信興的歷史時光與舊式酒樓的文化趣聞,見證信興酒樓光榮結業。 日期: 12月18日(星期日…


October 18, 2016

泰王駕崩,令人想起一則與泰國王室的娛樂舊聞。 八十年代,香港的明星紅透半邊天,橫掃東南亞。1986年的平安夜前夕,陳百強(Danny)和經理人往泰國開演唱會,坐上客就有泰王室第三個公主朱拉蓬。公主身份尊貴,當晚坐在一張特別準備的金色椅上,聽Danny獻唱多首英文哥及廣東歌。…

Media Invitation: Hong Kong's First Wheelchair Friendly Tour

September 15, 2016

Media Invitation Hong Kong’s first wheelchair-friendly tour: A step towards broadening Hong Kong’s tourism appeal and achieving disabled rights in the…

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