In 2013, Walk in Hong Kong was established by a group of friends who had a passion for traveling. Their aim was to explore the cultural stories of their hometown and design engaging walking tours. Now, after ten years, we interviewed three of the co-founders to hear their reflections on the past decade and their … Read more

Walk in Hong Kong’s 10th anniversary marks a milestone for us. Our vision is rooted in human connection, and it is an important part our team culture too.

(Written by Paul Chan in Chinese before the founding of Walk in Hong Kong) About the trip to Taipei, let’s start with the topic of garbage. On a…

The film “To Be Continued,” co-produced by Walk in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Community Heritage Foundation, premiered at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in April 2023. (Click here to watch the movie trailer). It tells the story of Harry Odell (1896-1975), an impresario and an era of Hong Kong. Five years ago, Haider … Read more

As the Red Rainstorm Warning Signal was hoisted at 1:35pm on 7 May 2023 (Sunday), all “Movie Tram” tours on that day had been regrettably cancelled (including tours of Eastbound which gathered at 1:45pm and Westbound which gathered at 3:45pm). For customers who bought the tickets, the detailed arrangement of refund is as below: If … Read more

In the old days, Hong Kong’s streets were first christened in English before being translated into Chinese. Some things got lost in translation but have curiously remained until today. Many of us are blissfully oblivious to such mistakes! Having lived in Hong Kong for all our lives, our professional guides at Walk in Hong Kong have come up with 6 levels of wrongly translated street names in the city…

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Practical tips that take you back to the basics and create the online engagement that truly matters

In WIHK’s Neighbourhood Jaunt volume 2, In WIHK’s Neighbourhood Jaunt volume 2, our colleagues keep on exploring the hidden spots in the community, from the uniquely designed Lok Fu Estate to the cosy rooftops on Lamma Island. What’s more? We even paid a visit to the Panda Park in Chengdu! How did we go to … Read more

Press Release The Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) resolved unanimously in its regular meeting in March to grant Grade 1 historic building status to t…

And a series of very scientific experiments to rank them! Human beings have been collectively staying home for an unprecedentedly long period of time.  In our boredom, we have been pushed to do things we did not imagine doing before, such as whipping cream for 400 times (dalgona coffee), talking to sourdough starter like it’s … Read more