N個烏龍香港街名 Lost in Translation: Wrongly Translated Street Names in Hong Kong


香港早期嘅街道係有英文名先,再由師爺翻譯做中文。但係當年嘅官員(莫非叫阿Chirs?)嘅英語程度參差,擺咗唔少烏龍。經我哋絕對唔烏龍嘅求證,發現呢啲錯誤可以分為幾個 Level:

In the old days, Hong Kong’s streets were first christened in English before being translated into Chinese. Some things got lost in translation but have curiously remained until today. Many of us are blissfully oblivious to such mistakes! Having lived in Hong Kong for all our lives, our professional guides at Walk in Hong Kong have come up with 6 levels of wrongly translated street names in the city…

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Walk with Hong Kong Campaign ╴如何運用英語講故事技巧搵一份好工?

近排係屋企除咗煲劇、執屋、煮野食,有無諗過整理吓你嘅個人故事同經歷?寫CV、面試 …… 其實都係想用唔同方式比人係有限時間知道「你係一個點嘅人」姐 ~ Walk in Hong Kong 活現香港為咗鼓勵大家疫境自強,決定同大家分享運用故事思維去開始最有效嘅「限時溝通」小貼士。想知點樣俘虜面試官嘅心…

【活現香港隨筆】陳智遠:擁抱時代挑戰 迎接旅業革命

亂世往往是一面鏡子,讓眾生相表露無遺。 過去數月的社會動盪,對不同行業都帶來打擊,也衍生出兩種截然不同的應對態度: 一批人只忙於顧算自己生意的得失,一邊呼天搶地埋怨,一邊條件反射式要政府幫這個、補貼那個,心態就如刻舟求劍,只一廂情願社會盡快「回復平靜」,好讓自己能像以往賺個盤滿缽滿; 另一批人固然也…

5 Must Watch Local Horror Classics For This Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner.

Not everyone likes partying out all night long. Some of us prefer staying at home binging horror movies. Let’s be real, aren’t haunted mansions, creepy clowns and demon nuns getting kinda cliché? As staff of a company that champions storytelling more than anything else, we think that film is a magical medium that brings individuals with different stories together. Instead of flicks that only stimulate our senses with lazy Michael Bay-esque CGI, we prefer a good storytelling experience with a narrative that explores different sides of humanity.

Hong Kong has long been a paradise for Chinese filmmakers to explore their wildest, darkest, most macabre ideas. As a result, our city has created some of Asia’s best horror movies that often brings Western elements and Chinese folklore together. That is why we have shortlisted the following five movies for this festive occasion. Not only would they make your heart race, each flick tells you about traditional superstitions such as karma, reincarnation and sinning that would leave you unsettled for many days…

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