Celebrating a Decade of Walk in Hong Kong: A Journey of Family and Meaning

The 10th anniversary of Walk in Hong Kong marks a major milestone for our company, and it also coincides with the year my daughter, Maia, was born, giving me much to ponder upon.

During my time with Walk in Hong Kong, our CEO & Co-founder, Paul, welcomed three adorable kids into his family. As we navigate the ebb and flow of life, we also steer this ship that is Walk in Hong Kong. We weathered the challenges of the startup phase and celebrated our first project win. We embarked on a campaign to preserve Hong Kong’s State Theatre, not knowing what the outcome would be. And during the unprecedented times of COVID, we innovated with virtual tours to ensure our team could emerge on the other end of the tunnel relatively unscathed.

When I joined this ship as a full-time member, my intent was clear. I wanted to be an integral part of shaping an organization that held deep meaning, centered around genuine human connections. I never sought to grow the business exponentially and lose the very essence of human intimacy on the way.

For me, walking tours are the perfect embodiment of this vision. Each tour is not just a route through the city but a journey of unfiltered human interactions. Captivating stories await in every step, providing a window to the heart and soul of Hong Kong, our beloved home.

This desire for human touch extends to our company culture as well. Take myself as an example. I usually work from home in the morning so that I can spend more time with Maia and go to the office in the afternoon. While I’m on the team Google Meet, I also feed Maia or change her poopy diaper. I try to schedule client meetings during her nap time. And at night, after Maia goes to bed, I catch up on tour design and research work.

We understand that life happens, and family responsibilities sometimes take precedence. When a team member needs to step out for personal reasons, we step up to support them. But we also expect them to put in the weight and make up for the hours elsewhere. Trust is the foundation of our team dynamics, but it’s not something freely given. Each teammate has to earn it through a sense of responsibility and ownership.

We know that we won’t always get it right, but we have some general principles we abide by – just like raising a child. It’s complex, sometimes messy, filled with both tears and laughter, but ultimately, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Our team is driven, responsible, and flexible, guided by a humanistic approach. We believe in doing something meaningful for Hong Kong and its people, and that’s what brings us together and keeps us going. If you share our passion for creating connections and want to be part of our journey, we warmly invite you to join our team.

Olivia Tang

Managing Director

Walk in Hong Kong