Why are Chinese Vampires Better than Zombies and Mummies?

Are you afraid of zombies? Do mummies scare you away? If you are not daunted by the living dead, you must be a brilliant warrior when zombies attack. (Let’s hope they won’t.) But even the valiant may find Chinese vampires terrifying. Yes, the Chinese have their own vampires. They are drastically different from zombies and mummies in western popular culture. In addition, they are better than them in some sense. Here’s why.

Starting with their appearance, Chinese vampires look more dapper than western zombies and mummies. Zombies that rise from graves are usually covered in rags. As for zombies manufactured in biochemical experiments, they may wear dull patient clothes. Mummies do not have the best fashion sense either. Wrapped in white cloths, they appear less luxurious and mighty than Chinese vampires. Every Chinese vampire wears a uniform. The uniform resembles the ones worn by officials of the imperial court. A dragon is sewed on a silk cloth of midnight blue.

A key feature of Chinese vampires differentiates them from zombies and mummies. While the latter can walk, jump, and run, Chinese vampires only hop. Their bodies are so hard that they cannot bend their limbs and bodies. You may find it funny, but it proves that they overpower zombies and mummies. Calculation shows that jumping rope burns a lot more calories than running at 7 miles per hour. The same applies to the moving corpses too. Chinese vampires have the stamina to hop as long as they want, while zombies and mummies need to consume something when they are tired.

The discipline of Chinese vampires also deserves our respect. Legends have it that Chinese vampires hop in a line, stretching out their arms to touch the next’s shoulders. They rarely launch lone wolf attacks as zombies and mummies do. So you will definitely be overwhelmed by the assault of Chinese vampires.

Then how can we stop them? Sorry, you can’t. Zombies can be killed if you remove their heads or take out their hearts. Mummies will roam no more if you lock them up in pharaohs’ tombs. But the best fighter just can’t stop Chinese vampires on his or her own. The Chinese say you can only stop a vampire by sticking a yellow paper on his forehead. You have to ask a wizard, who has been trained for years, to write a spell on a yellow paper.

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What Do Ghosts Eat? Wan Chai Ghosts and Food Tour

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