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Island Architecture Walk: North Point to Causeway Bay

Tour Info

Distinctively Hong Kong architectural masterpieces awaiting your discovery

Besides the impressive skyscrapers along the harbourfront, North Point and Causeway Bay boast some amazing east-meets-west architecture that will surely take your breath away.

Be inspired by the underrated yet captivating architecture in the heart of Hong Kong, where decades of clashing and intertwining of eastern and western cultures have created some unique designs. Admire the ever-changing, dynamic legacy built by our forefathers as your professionally-trained architectural guide tells you the tales of over a hundred years of design, style, and technique and why they are still important today.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Traverse the vibrant Chun Yeung Street wet market on Hong Kong's iconic double-decker tram
  • Hear how the modern parabola-shaped concrete arches of the State Theatre witnessed the ebb and flow of time, while it fights for its very own survival
  • Discover several architectural gems, from cylindrical public housing to the Chinese Renaissance Church to a Neoclassical cathedral

“Anyone interested in architecture should definitley join this one of a kind tour”

Shirley G.

“Great guide who tied together why the history was important today.”

Kelly C.

“Superb tour, great guide, beautiful route.”

Chalerm T.

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