Local Movies Tie-in Tours

What we do:

  • Curation of tour itinerary based on movie plots
  • Tour delivery

Movies inadvertently become a record of cityscapes at a specific timeframe. Drawing on our experience in designing movie tours, Walk in Hong Kong worked with local directors and film production houses to create customized movie tie-in guided tours.

Working with Kei Fu, the author of Hong Kong Island: An Odyssey of Film Locations (《電影現場之旅(港島篇)》), we created our first movie tie-in tour for Amos Why’s Dot 2 Dot, taking movie lovers to filming locations around Hong Kong. The City of Victoria boundary stones tour, which proved to be especially well received, was reprised in 2019.

In 2015 we teamed up with the production crew of Benny Lau Wai-Hang’s directing debut Wong Ka Yan in showcasing the beauty and charm of Peng Chau, the quaint outlying island where the plot happened. As part of the promotional campaign, we held guided tours led by our co-founder and CEO as well as the movie’s director, screenwriter and cinematographer.

We also developed tie-in tours for Amos Why’s second feature film, Napping Kid, in 2018, taking moviegoers to shooting locations around Central District after watching the film.