Another 5 Unspoken Rules in Hong Kong That Would Utterly Confuse Foreigners… And Now Even Locals!

Friday, September 27, 2019|

Hong Kong is a fishing-village-turned-metropolis where old meets new, east meets west…

Yes, we know you secretly rolled your eyes to this. Maybe you know Hong Kong like the back of your hand and think “Hah, I don’t need to read some amateur blogpost about my city!”. Well guess what – you actually know Hong Kong a lot less than you expect! This time, we snooped around our family and friends, asking them if there are any bewildering mysteries that even us Hongkongers don’t have answers to!

1. Hongkonger-identifying-box


If you have a bunch of people from different parts of the world, where would you need to put them, in order to figure out which one is a Hongkonger? 

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Walk in Hong Kong’s submission to 2019-2020 Policy Address Public Consultation

Walk in Hong Kong, a local cultural enterprise, calls on the government to make the protection of post-war historic buildings, which is also commonly referred to as “modern architecture”, a policy priority for heritage conservation in Hong Kong.

Specifically, as we have called for in submissions to the public consultations respectively for the 2018-2019 Policy Address and 2019-2020 Budget,[1] the government should allocate sufficient resources to the Development Bureau (DevB), the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), the Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) and any other related parties to undertake a territory-wide survey of historic buildings and sites completed post-1950 to identify, assess and grade those worthy of protection. Read More