Halloween is just around the corner.

Not everyone likes partying out all night long. Some of us prefer staying at home binging horror movies. Let’s be real, aren’t haunted mansions, creepy clowns and demon nuns getting kinda cliché? As staff of a company that champions storytelling more than anything else, we think that film is a magical medium that brings individuals with different stories together. Instead of flicks that only stimulate our senses with lazy Michael Bay-esque CGI, we prefer a good storytelling experience with a narrative that explores different sides of humanity.

Hong Kong has long been a paradise for Chinese filmmakers to explore their wildest, darkest, most macabre ideas. As a result, our city has created some of Asia’s best horror movies that often brings Western elements and Chinese folklore together. That is why we have shortlisted the following five movies for this festive occasion. Not only would they make your heart race, each flick tells you about traditional superstitions such as karma, reincarnation and sinning that would leave you unsettled for many days…

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