Take a stroll through Hong Kong’s queer history and culture with the city’s first LGBT+ walking tour

Source: Coconuts Hong Kong | Published: 14 Dec 2016

Gender identity and sexual orientation haven’t always been integral topics of discussion in Hong Kong, but they sure are about to be with Walk in Hong Kong’s brand new tour, “LGBT in the City”.

It will probably come as a surprise for many, but Hong Kong has an incredibly rich LGBT+ history and culture. Inspired by similar tours in major cities such as Sydney and San Francisco, “LGBT in the City” aims to showcase to its participants everything that Hong Kong has to offer to the LGBT+ community.

Join in to visit everything from famous landmarks like the old Propaganda, Hong Kong’s premier gay nightclub for 25 years, to hidden LGBT+ hangout spots in back alleys.

 “LGBT in the City”. Photo: Benita Chick

Apart from learning about Hong Kong’s LGBT+ history and culture, “LGBT in the City” is also an opportunity to gain a little practical knowledge, as you’ll stop at a sex shop to learn about different types of sex toys and props… of course, given that you’re 18 or above. Don’t fret though! If there are youngsters present, the tour guide will modify the trip accordingly.

The tour will conclude at the iconic Zoo Bar (18+), where guests can enjoy a free drink and swap anecdotes with one another. Afterwards, you’ll also be able to talk to the manager and get the dish on queer nightlife in Hong Kong.

Benita Chick, a proud member of the LGBT+ community and the creator of “LGBT in the City”, came up with the idea for this tour out of her love and passion for the community. After living abroad for many years and having attended numerous pride events, Chick believed that there was a need for such a tour to exist in Hong Kong.

“My goal is to showcase a diversity of LGBT life in Hong Kong that goes beyond what you see in movies … [I want to show] how ‘real’ LGBT live their life in Hong Kong,” Chick told Coconuts HK.

Chick (R) at LGBT in the City”. Photo: Benita Chick

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