CLP Community Power Journey

Client: CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd | Year: 2021

What we do:

  • Conducted in-depth research to craft 4 local tour routes centred around the theme of power, as required by CLP
  • Sought out and secured local personalities for dynamic human library interviews
  • Facilitated engaging human library interviews and built strong relationships
  • Recruited and trained expert tour guides for the Community Power Journey
  • Led over 200 successful tours, welcoming over 2,500 guests
  • Showcased versatility and adaptability to comply with social distancing regulations

In honor of its 120th anniversary, CLP partnered with local artists to launch a beautification program for distribution boxes in four districts. Walk in Hong Kong was entrusted to design the “Community Power Journey” guided tour, taking school groups and non-profit organizations on a journey to visit the beautified distribution boxes and special scenic spots in the district. The tour provided an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the power supply process, energy conservation knowledge, and community culture, by visiting local shops and speaking with neighbors. This initiative aimed to strengthen the connection between electricity and the community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the role it plays in our daily lives.