HKU Faculty of Law 50th Anniversary Project

Client: Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong | Year: 2019

What we do:

  • Tour research and design
  • Docent training: delivered storytelling and public speaking training to Faculty of Law students so as to equip them as guides leading the public tours
  • Media tour delivery

The rule of law has been considered as a cornerstone of Hong Kong, which was first brought by the British in 1841. So over this one-and-a-half centuries, how has our legal system changed and who took part in these changes?

Established in 1969, The Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong is the first law school in Hong Kong. As one of the initiatives celebrating its Golden Jubilee, the Faculty commissioned Walk in Hong Kong to design a walking tour in Central and Western District to trace the path of the Faculty development in parallel with the evolution of the legal systems in Hong Kong. Walk in Hong Kong also trained 40 current law students into docents for the public guided tours, equipping them with storytelling, tour delivery and public speaking skills.