Client: I'MPERFECT and Oi! | Year: 2014

What we do:

  • Experience design: visual impairment simulation
  • Tour curation and delivery

Put yourself in the shoes of the visually disabled

Sightseeing is all about “seeing” the sights on the journey. How could visually impaired feel and “see” the interesting sights and things on their way?

I’MPERFECT, a design movement initiated by CoDesign aiming at encouraging consumers to embrace and appreciate imperfection, invited Walk in Hong Kong to design a guided tour of North Point. Participants were blindfolded and paired up with visually impaired “guides” in exploring the familiar yet different look of the community using senses other than vision.

The tour led participants to rethink the concepts of “able” and “disabled”, as well as our reliance on vision in getting to know our surroundings.

Went on the I’mperfect Tour, where I was blindfolded part of the time, to experience North Point in an alternative way. Humbled by what I learned from my visually impaired friend, Shing, what my senses tell and sometimes deceive me, while visiting fun spots in the area.

Maggie Lin (Participant)