LEGO® 90th Anniversary Celebration — Playing and Creating Around Hong Kong

Client: LEGO® | Year: 2022

What we do:

  •  Completed LEGO-themed bus tour design, research and development of 7 hour-long family-oriented routes filled with interactive elements and LEGO’s key messaging
  •  Provided an online registration system set up and maintenance dedicated for the campaign
  •  Tour delivery of 4 coach tours available every day from Friday to Sunday for a total of 4 weeks
  •  Facilitated 5 successful media tour sessions for wide media coverage
  •  Designed a LEGO-inspired community programme “Fix the City Campaign” to boost social engagement and fulfil corporate social responsibility

To commemorate its 90th anniversary, LEGO partnered with Walk in Hong Kong to provide a unique opportunity for families to experience the city in a new way. The tour, which was held on a specially designed Hong Kong-themed double decker bus, offered participants a chance to learn about local communities through storytelling, accompanied by giant LEGO dolls.

Interactive mini-building games featuring LEGO bricks were offered to enhance the creative experience and showcase the joy of “playing and creating.” Master builders also demonstrated their expertise by recreating local street foods and toys using LEGO bricks.

Due to the high demand, the tour was expanded to 56 sessions and received an overwhelming response from both parents and children. This success highlights the excitement and joy that the tour brought to participants.

Additionally, Walk in Hong Kong facilitated the “Fix the City” project, which aimed to demonstrate the impact of creativity on the cityscape. The project involved repairing damaged shopfronts in Central and Kowloon City through creative patchwork. This meaningful initiative further showcases LEGO’s commitment to promoting creativity and community involvement.