“Macau Discovery” Team Building

Client: Independent Statutory Body | Year: 2023

What we do:

  • Researched and developed a scalable team building activity in Macau
  • Delivered a full day team building activity, including ferry arrangements, lunch arrangements, and treasure hunt activity in Macau for more than 80+ participants per event day
  •  Thoughtfully curated treasure hunt and sightseeing activities to incorporate cultural travel experiences in Macau

Worked closely with our partner in Macau, the Walk in Hong Kong team successfully conducted extensive research and developed an innovative and scalable team building activity in the vibrant city of Macau. With meticulous attention to detail, we organized a full day experience for over 80 participants per event, ensuring a seamless and memorable adventure. From arranging ferry transportation to coordinating lunch arrangements, every aspect was carefully handled.

The standout feature was the thoughtfully curated treasure hunt, designed to not only foster teamwork and communication but also to immerse participants in the rich cultural travel experiences that Macau has to offer. By incorporating sightseeing activities and showcasing the city’s cultural heritage, we created a truly engaging and unforgettable team building event in Macau.

Macau Discovery Game Pack
Game material created for the treasure hunt.