Build something that Hong Kong has not seen before with us

Our Vision

Build something that Hong Kong has not seen before

Walk in Hong Kong refuses to settle for the ordinary - mediocre tours that take guests around only for food and shopping is not our jam. Instead, we go above and beyond to tell them lesser-known stories about our city's history and culture.

If you want to master the skill of photocopying, don't apply to become one of our interns. At Walk in Hong Kong, we provide you with knowledge and mentorship. In return, you bring the energy and innovation. While you are with us, not only will you be contributing to some of Hong Kong's first-of-its-kind projects, you will also build your own connections through networking events, company exchange and team building activities.

You are not just another intern. Your voice is heard.

Our Cultural Values

Champion our Key Pillars

Be a storyteller, experience designer, and change maker in everything we do.

Embrace the Adventures.

Embrace the Adventures

Stay hungry and curious.

Take the off-beaten paths from time to time.

Do not stop growing.

Be an Entrepreneur

Create visions.

Be patient, persevere, and transform our ambitions into reality.

Do not settle for mediocrity.

Care for our City

Always have the best interests of our city in our heart.

Be compassionate to ourselves and others.

Call out bullshit.

What Will You Acquire?

Energetic Work Environment

Free Tour Experience

Practical Skill Training

Ties & Networks

It has been a delightfully fruitful summer to have internship in Walk in Hong Kong. Colleagues are friendly and welcoming. They offer a wide range of working opportunities, including tour design, cultural research and social media coverage. The most interesting work I could recall is to design a treasure hunt in the theme of local architecture that we have to design fun tasks for participants to rediscover the hidden architectural gems in Hong Kong. This internship definitely widen my horizon and allows me to gain an insight into tourism and culture preservation in Hong Kong.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Working as an intern at Walk in Hong Kong means you get to work with a bunch of energetic, passionate and down-to-earth colleagues. The staff here gives you space for creativity and guides you through the process. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to design tours, write scripts and assist assist in the tours. Not only did I learn a lot of practical skills, such as storytelling, research skills, I also have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong and heritage conservation.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

I used to think internship meant simply staying in an office doing simple tasks like printing materials, but this Walk in Hong Kong internship programme proved me wrong. This programme is well designed for interns to gain invaluable exposure to the tourism industry. We were given a chance to design a new tour and analysis the development possibility, as well as be an assistant in the meaningful tour, rather than just sitting in front of a computer. Also, Here is not only full of flexibility and creativity which boost me up for unveiling the hidden gem in our city, but also raising my awareness of cultural conservation in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Our Network