Summer Microadventures – Little “Rice Cooker” Excursion"|童行同感 —「夏日微旅程」— 米飯班「煮」

The tour part of “Summer Microadventures – Little “Rice Cooker” Excursion” was completed at a high note last Saturday (23 July 2016). The tour starts at The Taste Library in PMQ with a great introduction of the culinary culture and stories of rice by its curators Craig Au-Yeung and Andy Lai, coupled with the tasting of delicious rice milk made by rice, peanuts and banana! Afterwards, Paul guided the exploration of Sheung Wan and visited a few spots which are related to rice. We also obtained some real grains from Yio in Lantau Island, which become the best souvenirs for the kids to bring back home!

【大豐收!】童行同感 —「夏日微旅程」— 米飯班「煮」導賞團於上星期六(7月23日)順利舉行!我地由 PMQ 元創方 Taste Library開始,先由歐陽應霽(阿齋)同黎建彰(Andy)講解食米嘅來源同品種,大家仲品嚐左用米、花生同香蕉煮成嘅米漿。之後就由 Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港 陳智遠(Paul)帶各位小朋友同家長遊走上環,去傳統米舖「糴」米、熟食中心睇師傅拉腸粉、玩「抓子」遊戲等等。我地仲專乘搵左大嶼山二澳米( 二澳農作社)嘅稻穗,俾小朋友接觸真實嘅穀粒,仲可以帶翻屋企留念!今個星期六,就到米飯班「煮」下半部,由小朋友親身下廚,用米煮出新創意!