Hang Lung Young Architects Program

Client: Hang Lung Properties Ltd | Year: 2017-2020

What we do:

  • Program design and research
  • Production of program books and other learning materials
  • Design and provision of over 20 customized architecturally-themed walking tour routes
  • Hands-on architecture workshops and lectures
  • Provision of mentor training
  • Coordination of overseas architecture tours for winning teams
  • 320 participants in the first edition (2017/18), and 396 participants and mentors in the second edition (2019/20)

Pioneering youth architectural education program

Leading real estate developer Hang Lung Properties believes in the importance of fostering youth development. Walk in Hong Kong worked with them to create an award-winning CSR campaign that cultivates secondary school students into prospective young architects, addressing the gap of secondary school level architectural education in Hong Kong.

Each edition of the program comprises a diverse series of interactive seminars, workshops, walking tours and creative project, enabling participating students to explore Hong Kong’s unique architectural, cultural and historical developments, while gaining a better understanding of the connections between architecture and the community. Apart from classroom knowledge, students even have a chance to try sketching, modelling and 3D digital drawing techniques. The different modules of the program culminates in a creative project, where students could apply the skills and knowledge they acquired in designing something for their community.

To incentivize these future architects, scholarships and the opportunity to participate in an overseas architectural tour will be given to the winning teams in the creative project. In order to better nurture these future architects, we recruited 66 university students and recent graduates as mentors, and organized a host of social gatherings, training sessions and workshops to brush up their mentoring, creative thinking and storytelling skills.

Walk in Hong Kong is responsible for the overall planning, design and execution of the whole program, with support from industry and community partners such as the Hong Kong Architecture Centre. The inaugural edition of this innovative program won Hang Lung seven major public relations and CSR awards.

For more information about the program, visit youngarchitects.hanglung.com.