Hung Hom Heritage Walking Tour

Client: The Hong Kong Heritage Project | Year: 2016–2017

What we do:

  • route design and research
  • Customized guided tours for different stakeholders: media, general public, schools and staff of CLP Power
  • Media exposure: multiple media coverage

Being one of the earliest industrial areas of Kowloon, Hung Hom witnesses Hong Kong’s industrial development since the 19th century. It evolved from a place where heavy industries, power plants, shipyards and factory buildings were found into the residential and business hub we can see today. The commissioning of the Whampoa and Ho Man Tin MTR stations in 2016 had once again placed the neighbourhood in the limelight.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Heritage Project, in early 2017 Walk in Hong Kong curated the Hung Hom Heritage Tour as one of the key anniversary initiatives targeted towards different stakeholders of the Project. The tour focuses on the early industrial development and the subsequent dramatic urban transformation in Hung Hom and Whampoa, with tales from the former dockyard, CLP Power station and cement plant being told to the participants. It culminated in a visit to the Hong Kong Heritage Project archives where artefacts and archival items related to the development of Hung Hom were displayed to the participants, showcasing the importance of Hong Kong Heritage Project’s work to the media and general public.