P&T Group 150th Anniversary

Client: P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd | Year: 2018 to 2019

What we do:

  • Conduct interviews with experienced architects to learn about the stories of P&T’s signature projects that they have personally participated in
  • 3 customized tours for public and media
  • Route design and research
  • Brand exposure: media coverage
  • Adaptation of tours to tie in with Venice Biennale children’s model workshops and youth talks
  • Public tour received 20-time over-subscription
  • Tours used as attention grabbers when the anniversary campaign was featured in media such as Ming Pao, Hong Kong Economic Times and HK01

Curating architectural drawings into a tour for all

Rome was not built in a day. It takes more than a century to shape a city. Likewise, it takes decades to realize an architect’s dream. Since 1868, architects and engineers at P&T Group (formerly Palmer and Turner) have been realizing their dreams in the course of incarnating Hong Kong’s urban landscape. P&T Group played a crucial role in designing the city’s skyline — over 20 existing buildings in Central, including Exchange Square, Jardine House, Bank of China Building and Standard Chartered Bank Building (SCBB), are the masterpieces of P&T over the years. It introduced cutting-edge building technologies to Hong Kong while at the same time leveraging local expertise and knowhow in high-density developments around the world.

To mark the occasion of its 150th anniversary, P&T Group commissioned Walk in Hong Kong to develop a guided tour of the landmarks in Central it designed. We made use of the high concentration of the P&T’s work in Central to highlight the close connection of the firm and the people of Hong Kong.

We had the opportunity to dig into the firm’s archives of drawings and photos. We also interviewed key architects like Remo Riva, the chief architect of the Exchange Square and SCBB projects, and heard insider stories and lesser-known facts about P&T’s various works in Central. When we formally launched the resulting “150 Years Sculpting Hong Kong’s Skyline” public tours in November and December 2018, they were oversubscribed 10 times.


Learn more about our campaign in our blog post: Inspiring Future Architects: P&T Group × Walk in Hong Kong