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What Do Ghosts Eat? Wan Chai Ghosts and Food Tour

Tour Info

Wickedly fun tour to explore Hong Kong’s traditional beliefs and delicious treats

The BEST ghost tour in town, because there's so much more than ghosts...

Amid the skyscrapers of Hong Kong lies a labyrinth of haunted tales. Hungry ghosts? Haunted loos? Seaside spirits? Take your pick. In fact, locals believe that the universes of deities, humans, and ghosts intertwine. The souls of the dead linger and bless their descendants. There are elaborate rituals that local Chinese perform to feed, pacify, entertain, or even bribe the ghosts. Modern ghosts have modern tastes too - with next of kin offering everything from Gucci gowns to Ferraris.

To heighten your sensory experiences, we will be tasting 5 delicious local treats. Some of them may be offering for the deities or ghosts too!

Wan Chai is the best neighborhood to showcase Hong Kong's ghosts. Wan Chai, literally “Little Bay” in Cantonese, is one of the first settlements that the British developed after they took Hong Kong in 1841. The original shoreline got marooned inland generations ago, but the deep layers of history anchored along Queen’s Road East have conspired with the swirl of 21st-century urban redevelopment to make Wan Chai a fertile ground of merry ghost/myth-making.

And did we say that the ghosts sometimes come out from the underworld and move among the living? So you better watch your back!

Highlights of the Tour

  • The city’s biggest concentration of haunted tales
  • Urban picnic with soothing tea, yummy buns, fresh-off-the-oven pastries, and a local specialty called “fried ghosts”
  • The vast range of Chinese gods catering to all your needs and desires
  • Businesses that cater to all the ghost pleasing rituals
  • A top haunted house, hipster hangouts, the muffled peal of church bells, forgotten temples, and more!

What Do Ghosts Eat? Wan Chai Ghosts and Food Tour is endorsed and recommended by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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This public tour is suspended due to anti-epidemic measures. Private bookings of no more than 4 guests could still be commissioned upon request.



If you wish to pay by local bank transfer, or if you encounter any payment difficulties, please contact us.

"I have lived in Hong Kong for five years and worked in Wan Chai for all that time, so I thought I knew the area reasonably well. The knowledge imparted on this tour really put a new perspective on things I would walk by every day."

@MovingEastBlogger, Hong Kong

"I have taken walking tours around the globe but this is by far the best one yet."

Lisa W.

"The tour guide did a great job of mixing historical facts with contemporary anecdotes."

Kalong C.

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