Walk in Hong Kong in PMQ Open House! |活現香港 x PMQ元創坊

Walk in Hong Kong set up a booth of the theme “rice” and “bamboo” in PMQ’s Open House on Sunday (26 June, 2016). Parents and children enjoyed the games and also learned a lot of interesting stories behind these two subjects. Learn more about “rice” and “bamboo” by joining the Summer Microadventures, our collaboration with PMQ in July and August!

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Dragon Boat Festival in Tai O! |帶小朋友去大澳看遊涌!

Walk in Hong Kong joined with Tai O Heritage Hotel in bringing some families from Society for Community Organization (SoCO) to Tai O on the day of Dragon Boat Festival. Our co-founder Paul guided the group to witness the annual Dragon Boat Deity Parade, in which three fishermen associations paddled their dragon boats to visit four main temples, carry the deity statues in a water parade and pray for good fortune and communal peace. There were of course many more to see in the tour, say stilt houses, traditional snacks and shrimp paste stall. The tour ended with a visit to Tai O Heritage Hotel, the revitalized gem in the tip of Lantau Island. What a fruitful day for everyone!

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致:立法會發展事務委員會委員 促請古物古蹟辧事處檢討現時歷史建築文物評審機制



古物古蹟辧事處(古蹟辦)早前建議將北角舊皇都戲院評為三級歷史建築,屬歷史評級中最低級別,引起公眾關注,及質疑古蹟辦嚴重低估了這珍貴建築的文物價值。文化企業活現香港(Walk in Hong Kong)早前撰寫了舊皇都戲院文物價值評估報告,這份專業報告沿用古蹟辦的評審準則,提出有力證據,從建築罕有性、文化歷史價值及社會價值各方面確立舊皇都戲院的保育價值;而就連古蹟辦自己所撰寫的相關文物價值評估,內容也大致一樣。因此,將舊皇都戲院評為三級的背後理據一直成疑,這事件也令人質疑,現時就歷史建築的評審機制是否專業和完善。

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