We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of Hong Kong's cultural and structural uniqueness with others. We do this in a variety of ways to provide an entertaining, informative experience.

Youth Training and Development

Passing our love of Hong Kong to the young generation is one of our key missions. Incorporating elements from local history and culture, our training and development programs enhance the youth's knowledge, skills and resilience, as well as help them cultivate a stronger sense of self and responsibility.

Experiential Activities

We firmly believe in learning by doing. We take students deep into local neighborhoods or the nature to motivate them to learn by self discovery. Our carefully designed tours and games encourage experimentation, embracing setbacks, and having fun.

Lectures and Seminars

Our interactive workshops and seminars are known for their well-designed learning process and quality of insights. We cover topics such as cultural heritage, social impacts, sustainable tourism, and storytelling.

Ready-to-book Activities for Secondary & Primary Schools

Available in both in-person and online format, these engaging learning activities embrace the principles of experiential and inquiry-based learning, and could complement the curricula of different subjects.


Other Services


Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is a great way to hone children's language skills, stretch their imagination and develop their creative thinking skills. Walk in Hong Kong offer storytelling training for children and teenagers in different scales and settings.


Docent Training Schemes

Docent trainings are not only for tour guides; they boost youngsters' confidence, enhance public speaking skills, and instil a sense of belonging in them. We are experienced in training primary, secondary and university students.


Planning of Inbound Study Trips

We've helped a number of overseas educational institutions — high schools, universities and even choirs — in planning their study trip itineraries, helping their students gain an in-depth understanding of our city.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Educational Events:

The Hang Lung Young Architects Program is an ambitious and unprecedented education program — first of its kind in Hong Kong. Shout out to Walk in Hong Kong for giving their best to co-host this year-long event. It was truly an unforgettable experience teaching students about Hong Kong's unique architecture and local culture. We would highly recommend working with them.

Bonnie Ng
Senior Manager - Corporate Communications, Hang Lung Properties Ltd

Our guides knew so much about the area, and not just the stuff you can read online. Intimate little stories from ages ago that contribute to the historical quality of the area.

Ellie Harrison
Savannah College of Art and Design

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