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Chinese Wellness & Old Shops Food Journey

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Chinese food culture and medicine give special status to certain ingredients that other parts of the world would consider bizarre or unrelated to medicine — desiccated versions of abalone and sea cucumber, horse and monkey gallstones, and whale’s vomit, to name a few. In Hong Kong, however, these interesting ingredients are the specialty of some 100 stores in the economic heart of old Sheung Wan. These businesses are continuing a proud and long history, but the context they operate in today is very different to when they started in the mid-19th century.

This tour will answer the following questions and more: Why do the Chinese value the said food and medicinal items so highly? Why are these expensive delicacies and health remedies found in so many stores in this part of Hong Kong? Where do they come from and where will they be shipped to? Owners of the area’s oldest dried seafood and Chinese medicine stores will share their memories of the special trading community that they belong to and by extension, of the oft-forgotten role that three little streets played in Hong Kong’s transformation into an international trade center.


"We could never have done it just by ourselves. We loved it and recommend it strongly."

@gabrielzaverucha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"This was such a unique experience, definitely recommend to all."

Samantha K.

"How often do you get to taste test snake soup? This was so fun and adventurous."

Mimi Y.

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