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Knock Knock — An Authentic Home Tour

Tour Info

Visit a local in their home!

What better way to truly get to know a city than by visiting a local home? This one-of-a-kind tour brings you deep into a fun, informative, and engaging interaction with a friendly local in their own home. You will listen to the Hong Kong stories as your host talks about their lifestyle, their dreams and daily concerns, and their take on the city’s hottest news headlines. Be prepared to have a few stereotypes of Hong Kong busted along the way.

Our home visits could range from an old-style tong lau (walk-up), where you'll be shown a hidden urban rooftop farm, to a classic residential high-rise with a twist, as it happens to lord over an ingeniously-landscaped park. Each visit will be combined with a walk around the neighborhood.

Come on in and feel the pulse of Hong Kong! You'll probably not look at this city the same way again.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Meet a hospitable local host in their home and learn about what everyday life is like for most people in Hong Kong
  • See how living space is organized, often creatively, in Hong Kong
  • Enjoy a pleasant stroll in the neighborhood where your host lives, hear interesting local stories, and see how people go about their daily lives as we check out where they like to eat and shop and what they love doing in their community.

"This was an extremely unique experience that I wouldn not have been able to replicate on my own."

Yoshi T.

"beautiful home and beautiful local! Very cool experience."

Yulia B.

"When I visit a city, I want to get to know the culture and the people, not just the touristy spots. With this tour I got to do just that!"

Pranav M.

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