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Stanley Mystery Tour

Tour Info

Fun and interactive murder mystery tour that you have to solve the crime on the spot

What happened?

On a moonless and windy night, someone walked into the bedroom of the Village Chief and found him lying unconscious on the floor. On this day 20 years ago, a ship off the coast of Stanley was looted by a group of ruthless pirates and a bunch of precious treasures have since gone missing. Could these two events be related?

What will you do?

Meet your guide for a fun and interactive stroll through picturesque Stanley, where you and your fellow detectives are invited to solve the mysterious murder.

Put on your detective hat, work together to solve clues, and piece together the timeline of the crime as you gather alibis and background stories while you retrace the steps of the killer — picking up a few interesting facts about Stanley along the way.


If you wish to pay by local bank transfer, or if you encounter any payment difficulties, please contact us.

"Very creative, informative, and fun! I highly recommend this, not only to HK visitors, but also HK residents!"

@mshoushi, Singapore

"The case was complex enough that it made you think, and Olivia's explanations brought it all together."

Shazana S.

"Fun for the entire family! Kids will stay entertained and so will the adults."

Maria Z.




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