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Designed for primary and secondary school teachers and students

Walk In Hong Kong has been dedicated to providing high-quality online experiential cultural learning activities for young people, hoping to inculcate some enjoyment and warmth in the monotonous at-home atmosphere, while also encouraging cultural and historical dialogue complementing subject content from their education.

Guided tours: designed to meet the curriculum needs of different subjects

According to the subject matter and learning focus of each discipline, we carefully select a series of guided tours that fit the curriculum and recommend them to schools.Please view our recommended guided tours for each subject topic below. Teachers are welcome to contact us to designate in-person or virtual mode. We are happy to make recommendations as needed.

In-person tour

Our usual tour duration is 2 to 2.5 hours. Tour groups with more than 22 participants are advised to divide into 2 small groups.

Virtual tour

Using Zoom as a platform, on-site docents are present and teaching assistants can be arranged to enter the school in person to assist students in interactive sessions. Students can participate in classes at home or at school. The content and length of tours can also be tailored, including 30-minute to 1.5-hour versions, which can be flexibly adapted to the student's class, location (joining at school or from home), and time. At the same time, activity worksheets are provided to consolidate learning points.

(Note * Those are special tours, with charges different from other general tours. For details, please contact our staff.)

Featured Tours

The physical version is generally 2 to 2.5 hours in length; the default length of the virtual version is one hour, which can be adjusted to between 30 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes according to the needs of the school.


Old Town Central

In the early colonial era, this bustling street was trampled by countless Eurasian people, Chinese, Western sailors, and a special Tanka woman. A U.S. Navy captain from Massachusetts even gave her land. Who is this mysterious woman? If you want to know the answer, don't miss this trip.


Sham Shui Po — A Story of Grassroots Hong Kong

As one of the most diverse places in Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po is full of vibrant open markets, remnants of war and fire, as well as large and dense public housing estates. It is also a haven for thousands of refugees. Perseverance, vigor and intelligence are typical traits of the common people in Sham Shui Po - let's explore these characteristics together!


Sun Yat Sen Historical Trail Tour

The prime mover of the 1911 Revolution, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, has close ties to Hong Kong, and even left his mark on the Central and Western Districts. Let future generations pursue the legacy that belongs to this history and explore Mr. Sun's path of achievement.


Tsim Sha Tsui Globalisation Tour

Looking at the international financial center on the other side, Tsim Sha Tsui is not only a bustling tourist center, but also a hub for shipping and land transportation. Come to Chungking Mansions, known as "the slum at the center of the world", experience the inter-racial social integration and neighboring Islamic culture, we believe you will reflect on what it means to be a "global citizen".

Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City Cultural Tour

The legendary Kowloon Walled City, shrouded in crime and darkness - how has it become an idyllic Chinese garden today? By touring this slum with a historically labyrinth-like mirage, you will be presented with a picture of the centenary political and legal vacuum there.


Yau Ma Tei - A look at Old Hong Kong

Combining trade and entertainment, Yau Ma Tei is one of the most famous wholesale centres in Hong Kong. From traditional art and grassroot culture to neighborhood sentiment, come and experience the allure of this city center.


Sheung Wan Colonial & Medical Tour

As early as the beginning of Hong Kong's opening as a port, Sheung Wan was already the place where Huaying gathered. The historic buildings here are important witnesses to the development of Hong Kong, telling a plethora of Hong Kong stories: the harsh living environment of early mainland immigrants, the function of Chinese temples, and the impact of the rat plague on the development of Hong Kong's medical system.


Kennedy Town Tour

The rat plague has put the Hong Kong people through hell and back, and Kennedy Town has seen it all. Being on the "frontier of Victoria City", how did Hong Kong people fight against natural disasters and use its own strategies to obtain more land to build a beautiful home?


North Point – Nostalgia

North Point was once a place of recreation and a "major industrial engine" for the city. In the 1940s, the global political situation was turbulent, and countless immigrants moved here. How did they develop a unique amalgam of culture in the northernmost part of Hong Kong Island?


Wan Chai Conservation Tour

As the first area to be developed since the British first colonized Hong Kong, Wan Chai has preserved its rich history. Walk into Queen's Road East, and meet Wan Chai's preserved infrastructural heritage and the untold stories within. A series of historical stories appeared in the first unveiling ceremony after the unveiling of a Dongbao area in the UK. Enter the nascent historical and cultural buildings in the Bay Area and the stories behind them.


Money World

How did Hong Kong change from a small fishing port of the past into the international financial center of today? The story is complex and exciting. We will walk into the business world of Central, visit some major wealth landmarks, see the rise and fall of many local and foreign companies as well as some real estate developers, and understand the financial lifeline of Hong Kong.


Law and the City

The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong's society and crucial to Hong Kong's status as an international financial center, as the British legal system is closely related to urban development. Students will understand the evolution of the legal system and the rule of law in Hong Kong, and interpret the legal culture of Hong Kong by appreciating the uniquely designed historical monuments and buildings.


Tsuen Wan: Evolution and Planning from Village to City

From a concentration of Hakka villages to an industrial town famous for its spinning, and then to a modern new town with nearly 900,000 people today, Tsuen Wan can be said to be a model teaching material for understanding Hong Kong's urban planning and urban and rural development. Let us take you into the "City in the Sky" and learn about the stories hidden in the street corners.


Tai O Fishing Village — A Tour of Traditions *

Often referred to as the "Venice of the East", Tai O is known for preserving colonial-era buildings. The stilted huts with a history of more than 100 years and temples of the Ming Dynasty hide away Hong Kong's time as a fishing village. You may wish to go rafting here while listening to the tour guide talking about the past of Tai O.


Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ping Shan is home to the Tang clan, one of the "five clans in the New Territories", and retains its quaint ancestral halls, academies, temples, and walled villages. Through visiting characteristic buildings, students will learn about the culture and history of the fenced village, as well as understand the reasons for the formation of the fenced village and its current position in society.


Hong Kong Movie Tour: Sheung Wan

Let us take you into the world of Hong Kong movies, walk through the stairs of the ancient alleys in Sheung Wan, and relive the many classic movie locations. Along the way, you will watch movie clips on-location, compare precious stills, savor the anecdotes of famous stars in front of and behind the scenes, and see the evolution of Hong Kong from the silver screen.


Hong Kong Movie Tour: Tsim Sha Tsui

Let us walk through the iconic filming grounds and compare precious classic stills along the way. Discover the shooting moments and secrets behind the classic movies, and learn how the Hong Kong film industry experienced its start-up, difficulties and brilliance, following its footsteps to today.


Kwun Tong Metamorphosis

The bustling yet old district of Kwun Tong is experiencing the reconstruction of the old district, watching the remnants of the past disappear. The old-fashioned streets and shops of the past have been transformed into new commercial landmarks in the district, while the back alleys of industrial buildings have been revitalized into a new generation of treasure-hunting grounds, or simply an artistic public space for busy urbanites to take a break. "


Letterpress Workshop and Footprints of the Chinese in Old Sheung Wan *

The event includes a guided tour and a movable type printing workshop. Participants will go deep into the old streets of Sheung Wan, get to know Hong Kong in the early 20th century, understand the story of the opening of the port and the development of the newspaper industry, and deepen their understanding of intangible cultural heritage by learning the essence of movable type printing technology.


LGBT in the City

At a cursory glance, you may not notice the queer culture of Hong Kong, but the city indeed has its rich LGBTQ+ origin story. The tour guide will take you through historical landmarks of Central and Sheung Wan, and discuss the stories, evolution and development of Hong Kong's gender and sexual minorities and LGBTQ+ movement.


Lest We Forget: A Tour of World War II Relics

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese army launched the Pacific War, ambushed Pearl Harbor, and attacked the United States, Britain and the Netherlands and other national territories at the same time. The 18-day battle to defend Hong Kong also started at the same time. Expert guides will lead participants to revisit the old battlefields, and let you experience the hardships of defenders and appreciate the unique strategic position and value of Hong Kong as an international metropolis. (in-person tours only)

Virtual Mainland China Tour

We also offer specially-curated virtual Mainland China tours that are both entertaining and educational with diverse themes.


Sichuan Panda Tour *

Sichuan panda lover will lead everyone to land on the world's largest panda base, and have a close encounter with these "black and white national treasures" that eat, sleep, play, and pull every day. He will report live the real life situation of pandas and share the little-known daily anecdotes of pandas for everyone. (virtual tours only)


The Great Wall Tour *

The Great Wall, with a total length of more than 6,000 kilometers, has been expanded by many dynasties and is a rare and magnificent infrastructure in human history. How does it reflect the construction of military facilities to defend against foreign enemies on the basis of "terrain conditions"? How does it integrate the different architectural styles of various dynasties to create a unique scenery inside and outside the fortress? What is the story of the awe-inspiring characters behind the winding Great Wall? (virtual tour only)


The Forbidden City Tour *

After 600 years of ups and downs, the Forbidden City, where various emperors lived, is a place full of mysterious stories in the city of Beijing. The Palace Museum is the largest and best preserved wooden palace complex in the world. Walking through the gradiose buildings, characteristic furnishings and elegant garden layout of the Six Palaces of East and West, you can capture the sophisticated atmosphere of court life and trace the long and glorious history of China. (virtual tours only)


Beijing Hutongs Tour*

When it comes to visiting Beijing, in addition to climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City, taking a slow stroll in the narrow and long Tutongs is also a great pleasure. As a unique urban texture of Beijing, although most of these quaint old hutongs have been renovated, they still run through the pulse of Beijing celebrities and commoner life, and whisper about the past and present of Beijing city. (virtual tours only)

For more information about the above tours, please contact us.

Please note that if the above tours are organized for educational institutions, the itinerary and content could be adjusted according to teaching needs and the years of students, which are not identical to the content of the tourist version displayed elsewhere on the website.

Remarks * Those are special tours, and the fees are different from other general tours. For details, please contact the staff in Walk in Hong Kong.

Skills Training Workshop: Enhance Personal Competitiveness

Walk in Hong Kong has rich training experience. Under the "new normal", our training workshops can be held both in-person and online, breaking through geographical boundaries and being widely praised by all parties.


Storytelling Skills Training Workshop

"Storytelling" may sound easy, but the use of storytelling skills to capture the audience has become a furtive trait amongst successful people. Students learn to wrap their speeches in stories, engage audiences with lively and interesting narratives, and handle them well in public speaking, presentations, interviews and other opportunities to express themselves in the future.


Historical Data Collection Workshop

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject, students often need to scour the Internet for relevant information on their own. However, how to properly collect data is also an erudition. This workshop aims to enhance students' ability to collect data. By mastering more effective data collection skills, students can be more comfortable in self-directed learning.


Cultural Mapping Workshop

Including introduction to cultural maps, field surveying and map making workshops to understand the function of cultural maps and the importance of promoting cultural conservation. Participants can utilize multimedia teaching materials (physical or electronic publishing) to absorb and share knowledge of the region's history and culture.


Community Study Workshop

By discussing community research methods such as "Kao Xian Xue" and "Walking Method", students will learn the importance of community research, proper data collection methods, report writing and public speaking skills. Students can gain an in-depth understanding of different communities in Hong Kong, experience the conservation and inheritance of Chinese culture in society, and improve students' observation, analysis and diverse thinking skills.

Virtual Tour × Physical Workshop Dual Experience: Complement Each Other and Enhance Learning Efficiency

Want to get to know the community through live online guided tours and enjoy the fun of physical workshops at the same time? Do both with the following two-hour dual experience, popular with teachers and students:


Virtual Old Town Central Tour × Physical Storytelling Skills Training Workshop (2-hour experience)

  • 1-hour virtual Old Town Central Tour
  • 1-hour physical storytelling training workshop
    • Recognize the importance of storytelling
    • Distinguish fact from fiction, and analyze the conditions for a good story
    • Master storytelling skills, such as plot structure and literary devices
    • Learn basic speaking and storytelling devices and techniques

Virtual Kowloon Walled City Story Tour × Physical Historical Data Collection Skills Workshop (2-hour experience)

  • 1-hour virtual Kowloon Walled City Story Tour
  • 1-hour physical historical data collection skills workshop
    • Learn the basic methods of historical research and find clues about the history of the Walled City
    • Comparing historical photos to reshape changes in the Walled City
    • Try to identify and recognize different Teochew traditional food
    • Analyze old maps to understand how changes in the surrounding environment relate to the monuments themselves

Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience

Through personal contact with various traditional Chinese crafts, local cultural customs, national intangible cultural heritage projects and folk festival traditions, understand the value of intangible cultural heritage.


Intangible Cultural Heritage Field Trip

We provide various national-level intangible cultural heritage projects and traditional folk festival survey activities for many schools such as SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School, activities including Yu Lan Festival, Tai O Dragon Boat Festival, Tin Hau Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival Fire Dragon Dance and Taiping Qing ceremonies. Our field trips allow participants to understand the folk customs, culture and historical traditions of China and Hong Kong.


Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop

We provide different cultural workshops for St. James' Settlement's school network and many other primary and secondary school students, by allowing them to experience various traditional Chinese handicrafts and local culture, such as making mini flower wreathes, minibus signs, flour dolls, Tea Kueh, sugar blowing, paper tearing, Chinese knot tying, embroidery, movable type printing and tasting Hong Kong-style milk tea and food, to understand the preciousness of intangible cultural heritage.

Talks and Teacher Training Activities

On-campus talks

Walk in Hong Kong can arrange interactive talks and seminars, inviting people from all walks of life to share their professional insights with teachers and students on topics including Hong Kong's history, cultural heritage and social impact of sustainable tourism, as well as sharing tips on expressing concepts through storytelling.

Teacher training

We hope to break the tradition of previous teacher development days and use innovative teacher development models, including pedagogy workshops, customized themed guided tours and thematic lectures to share teaching resources, exchange cultural and teaching experience with each other, and to elevate the pedagogy of each subject level.

Quality Content

Walk in Hong Kong's well-organized activities have always attracted the participation of many local and overseas educational institutions and related groups, so that the new generation can learn about Hong Kong's unique cultural history.

“Excellent virtual tour. Engaging and interactive online activities – that’s exactly what students need! Historical virtual tours is the new trend of students’ learning!”

Miss Tam, Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

You did the best arrangement under this difficult circumstance! Our online class also wondered that there is such a visit activity, which adds interest and allows students to broaden their knowledge.

Ms. Ching, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Seaward Woo College

"The live scene is combined with the old photo explanation. It is very clear and detailed. The students have a very fulfilling experience. The students responded very well and answered questions actively. I will continue to support, thank you!"

Ms. Lam, St. Antonius Girls' College

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