Ghosts & Myths of Wan Chai (On Private Request)

    On Private Request
    Wan Chai
    Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Rd East, Wan Chai
    Approx. 2.5 hours
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    On Private Request
    Note: this tour is only available on Private Request- if interested, please contact our email [email protected] for further inquiry.

    Behind the success of every great city, there is a story, as well as a terrific load of haunted tales and myths. Hong Kong is no exception. In fact, in this land of dynamic money-making and pragmatic doers (hang on, are those stereotypes true?), ghosts and myths are everywhere, and many participate in their production and celebration without ever knowing.

    Wan Chai, literally ‘Little Bay’ in Cantonese, is one of the first settlements that the British developed after they took Hong Kong in 1841. The original shoreline got marooned inland generations ago, but the deep layers of history anchored along Queen’s Road East have conspired with the swirl of 21st-century urban redevelopment to make Wan Chai a fertile ground of merry ghost/myth-making.

    On this walk through the ‘old’ Wan Chai, we will pursue the area’s ghost stories and myths using a very broad definition of the term and, in so doing, blur the already elastic line between truth and fiction. The spread of these tales will take in:

    • World War II and the city’s biggest concentration of haunted tales
    • Local geography, ghost stories and forgotten Chinese temples
    • A top haunted house, hipster hangouts, the muffled peal of church bells, and more!

    Your guide's background is in historical building conservation, so not only does he have a boatload of ghost stories and urban myths to share, he can guide you through the intricate history behind the buildings in Wan Chai as well!

    "I have lived in HK for over 20 years and this tour was a total revelation. Our extremely knowledgeable guide Haider was a wonderful host and shared many anecdotes and stories from Hong Kong's past revealing a side to Wanchai that I would never have known otherwise. From the PP3 Bhudda, the Modrian designs, the haunted house......and who ever knew there was a huge and wonderful hidden catholic church in the heart of wanchai! A really exceptional tour and recommended for all visitors to HK. I can't wait to do another of the Walk in HK tours. "
    —Monica B. on TripAdvisor

    "The Urban Myths Tour in Wan Chai was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to me. I've been working in Wan Chai for 2 years but have never learnt about the hidden stories. The myths told by our knowledgeable guide were truly eye-opening, especially the story behind Hopewell Centre, where exactly I worked at. Though the haunting myths were merely stories spread by word of mouth, the guide's explanation was still very detail and informative. Engrossing stories, professional guide, an afternoon very much well-spent! :)"
    —TripAdvisor Member