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Old Town Central

Tour Info

An insider's guide to Hong Kong's fascinating mishmash of old and new

The name is accurate — Central lies at the frenetic heart of Hong Kong, and it’s an unmissable part of any visitor’s trip to the city. Under an electric backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers and mighty colonial buildings, we'll talk about what defines Hong Kong.

A short “ding ding” tram ride away lie the quainter charms of Sheung Wan, a historic yet increasingly trendy neighborhood. Expect to find hip boutiques and artisanal bakers standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Chinese temples. Along the way, we'll lavish you with local stories that could amuse and surprise even a native Hong Konger.

Note: This tour is formerly known as the “Hello Hong Kong” tour.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Hear offbeat stories about the colorful mix of colonial buildings and futuristic architecture in Central
  • Share the stories of elderly stallholders and marvel at the variety of produce on sale in Hong Kong’s oldest open-air bazaar.
  • See Chinese folk religious beliefs in action and hear stories that you won't find in guidebooks at an important site of worship.
  • Check out how pleasant Sheung Wan marries the old and the new as you feel the trendy vibes and visit various traditional Chinese trades.

Walk in Hong Kong collaborated with the Hong Kong Tourism Board in curating the thematic tour routes of the Old Town Central neighbourhood tourism repackaging campaign.


This scheduled public tour is currently suspended due to pandemic concerns.

Groups of no more than 4 guests could still book this tour on private request.


If you wish to pay by local bank transfer, or if you encounter any payment difficulties, please contact us.

"Would recommend this for first time travelers and those who may already have some info on Hong Kong — exceptionally knowledgeable guides who are able to add a special, nuanced view into Hong Kong past and present."

Haley R.

"I really enjoyed the break at a tiny shop where we watched the sugarcane juice being made - it was very refreshing and was great with the egg tart."

Bert R., Charleston, West Virginia, USA

"Our tour guide Annie was so entertaining and always found us shade to stand in to escape the brutal sun. The whole family had a good time, even my little brother."

Hawk L.

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