On 7 December 1941, Japan attacked the Pearl Harbour and the colonies of the Allied Power, marking the beginning of the Pacific War. At the same time,…

Take a short trip to the “Venice of Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong Movie Tour: Sheung Wan” is the first of its kind in the Hong Kong tourism industry. We will take you into the world of Hong Kong movies and…

See lively bazaars, a mosaic of public housing, not-yet-gentrified streetscapes, and stories of working-class grit and ingenuity.

Travel to the northermost tip of Hong Kong Island for fascinating stories about this important district.

Visit a local in their home!

Come experience the distinctively Hong Kong architectural masterpieces in Causeway Bay and North Point, from neoclassical churches to cylindrical public housing.

Explore the dirtiest parts of Hong Kong’s past.

How did Hong Kong get so rich?

Take a trip to a letterpress workshop and discover its significance to Hong Kong’s history.