Hong Kong Movie Tour: Sheung Wan


Enter the world of light and shadow and savor the cultural characteristics of Hong Kong

Hong Kong films have created countless classics, stacking up image memories for an entire generation. Shooting in real-life situations on the streets can be said to be a major feature of Hong Kong films. The evolution of Hong Kong's city can be clearly seen in the film.

"Hong Kong Movie Tour" is the first of its kind in the Hong Kong tourism industry. We will take you into the world of Hong Kong movies and review classic movie shooting locations. Senior film critics and movie fans act as guides. Along the way, you can watch film clips shot locally, compare precious stills, and savor the anecdotes of famous stars both on and off the screen.

We will visit the filming locations of nearly 20 famous Hong Kong movies, including "Infernal Affairs", "Rouge", "Thieves of Time", "In the Mood for Love", "Hong Kong", "Solo", etc. The journey is also equipped with interactive links and small props, allowing everyone to feel like they are in a movie, reshaping classic plots together, and taking photos. Hong Kong films have been popular all over the world for many years and have created fond memories for many people. I believe you will not want to miss "Hong Kong Movie Journey".

The "Hong Kong Movie Tour: Sheung Wan" guided tour is a project promoted and supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


    "The selected films are mostly of contemporary significance, like a time-lapse version of Hong Kong film history."


    "We followed the tour guide into the alleys of Sheung Wan, and also walked into the time tunnel, returning to the Mood for Love when we had endless longing for Hong Kong films."

    lalazoo418, Quimper, France

    "Not only does it explain the filming scenes of Hong Kong movies, but it also explains the plot for those who have never seen the movie, plays it simultaneously on a tablet, and explains why we use such shooting techniques to create the atmosphere!"

    Pei-Yu Hung, New Taipei City, Taiwan

    Sham Shui Po – A story of grassroots Hong Kong

    See lively bazaars, a mosaic of public housing, not-yet-gentrified streetscapes, and stories of working-class grit and ingenuity.


    Western District – Sex Filth and the Docks

    Explore the dirtiest parts of Hong Kong’s past.


    Tai O Fishing Village – A Tour of Traditions

    Take a short trip to the “Venice of Hong Kong.”


    Kowloon Walled City & Food Adventure

    Join us for a food adventure of steamy fishballs, freshly-baked egg tarts, juicy marinated goose slices, and more!