Walk in Hong Kong is known for its expertise in curating immersive and memorable experiences. Building on the rich culture and heritage of Hong Kong, we collaborate with our corporate partners to create customized solutions that suit their specific needs and goals.

Marketing & Branding

Walk in Hong Kong's masterful storytelling will elevate your brand by promoting your identity and values through stories. Our immersive experiences can be tailored to connect your audience at a deeper level, while offering creative public relations opportunities.

Social Responsibility

We are known for our design and delivery of socially conscious projects to further clients' CSR goals. Our intimate knowledge of business priorities and societal issues enable us to create innovative and purposeful programs, from cozy events to multi-year large scale projects.

Storytelling Training

We are not our CVs. We are our stories. Join our transformative training to learn more about yourself, how to communicate and influence others in more impactful and meaningful ways.

What Our Corporate Clients Say About Us:

“Walk in Hong Kong goes beyond providing interactive and well-researched guided tours. It is glad to see how they engage and raise youngsters who are passionate about cultural heritage and conservation. With their enthusiasm it helps to further promote appreciation towards Hong Kong's unique culture to the public as well as our future generations.”

Melanie Kwok
Senior Sustainability Manager, Sino Hotels

“The Hang Lung Young Architects Program is an ambitious and unprecedented education program — first of its kind in Hong Kong. Shout out to Walk in Hong Kong for giving their best to co-host this year-long event. It was truly an unforgettable experience teaching students about Hong Kong's unique architecture and local culture. We would highly recommend working with them.”

Bonnie Ng
Senior Manager - Corporate Communications, Hang Lung Properties

“I love seeing people enjoying quality buildings designed by P&T. A round of applause to Walk in Hong Kong who did a great job in helping us achieve that. With their wonderful storytelling and professionalism, architectural drawings and building features became fun and entertaining stories that guests of different ages from all walks of life love.”

Joel Chan
Architect & Director, P&T Group

“This is a far cry from the usual corporate and sterile cocktail gatherings. Everyone was genuinely interested, engaged in the tour and helped us build even deeper relationships with our clients. I would recommend Walk in Hong Kong to anyone thinking of corporate or clients events.”

Hon Lam
Business Development Manager, Greater China, British Airways

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